Learn English as a Second language

This course is being offered by Shadow of the Cross, in conjunction with POBLO (People of the Book – Lutheran Outreach). POBLO is a non-profit, Christian organization that is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with Muslims and other immigrants and refugees living in the United States. Unlike in the past, American Christians do … [Read more…]

What Can You Do To Assist?

Become a member of a church group or organization Assist in organizing functions Serve on committees (i.e., Stewardship, LWML, Worship, etc.) Attend congregational or designated business meetings Pray for the sick Read Scriptures Give generously Support the church and its functions Stand in as needed for events such as voting and other community efforts Increase … [Read more…]

Need a Card? Take a Card!

We have a new Greeting Card Station, located on the red table in the Narthex.  If you need a card, please take a card!  All we ask is that the next time you are out, pick up a card to replace the one you used.  We also accept extra cards, in all categories.

Help Fund Concordia Curriculum

ATTENTION PLEASE!  Although the Court of Concordia fund raising campaign is now over, there is still a need for funds to help improve the functionality and curriculum of the school.  SOTC has received a request for funds as follows: Please prayerfully consider making a donation toward these lessons. Checks can be submitted to the office … [Read more…]