Come Join the Sunday Morning Bible Class

Join Bible studyWhat do the worship service readings mean?

The Sunday morning Bible Class, led by Pastor Siefert, provides an in-depth study and discussion of the Bible readings from that morning’s worship service.   The class begins at 10:45 a.m. in the Social Hall, immediately following Coffee Hour.

You’ve worshipped the Lord God Almighty and enjoyed fellowship with other believers. Now complete your edification by studying His Word: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom….” [Colossians 3:16]

Surplus Medical Equipment Available

Medical equipment - walkerSt. Paul’s has numerous medical equipment items available for anyone who has need. The list includes:

9 walkers, 4 of which have wheels, plus 1 clip-on walker tray

3 rollators with brakes, seats, and wire baskets

3 bath chairs with padded seat and back (2 large and 1 small)

1 hand bed rail

1 toilet seat arm (bolts on where the toilet seat bolts on and rests on the floor on each side of the seat)

1 5″ toilet seat riser cushion

1 donut-type seat cushion (new)

1 four-legged cane

1 aluminum adjustable cane

1 ankle boot

1 two-step collapsible stepstool

Please contact the church office (248-474-0675) for more information or to arrange a pickup.

Spaghetti Dinner & Trivia Contest

Another way to support the St. Paul’s Preschool Fund, in order to start up our Preschool this fall.

Spaghetti & Trivia! Sunday, January 21, 5 p.m.

The Preschool Task Force is sponsoring a spaghetti supper, followed by a trivia contest, in the Social Hall, beginning at 5 p.m. Supper will consist of spaghetti, salad and dessert.

Trivia signThe trivia contest will consist of 8 teams – bring your own team, or join a team of players. There will be 10 rounds of questions on 10 different topics, and the winners will receive a prize. Last time we had a trivia night, we had lots of fun. Start planning your teams now.

There will not be a charge for this special evening. A donation to the Preschool Fund will be encouraged.

Valet Parking is Available for the Month of January

Valet parking signVALET PARKING is being offered to all St. Paul’s visitors and members during the month of January. It’s easy! Just drive up to the Middlebelt entrance and walk in. Your car will be parked for you and returned to the Middlebelt entrance whenever you are ready to leave. This valet parking is available for the Saturday night and Sunday morning services.

We will not be charging for this but a donation to the preschool fund would be greatly appreciated.

So take advantage of this convenience during these snowy, cold weekends while supporting our Preschool startup endeavor.

TIC TOC Challenge: Teaching In Christ, Teaching Our Children

St. Paul’s Hopes to Restart its Preschool Ministry this Fall – You Can Help!

We have been given a tremendous opportunity to restart our Preschool. We are trying to do it using funds raised for a specific purpose instead of adding it on the congregational budget.

The startup cost has been estimated at $70,000. An anonymous donor will contribute $10,000 if the congregation can raise the other $60,000 by the last day of February.

Preschool kids learning about JesusWe ALL know the importance of teaching children, from a very young age, of the love and knowledge of God: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” [Proverbs 22:6].

Not only would we be providing a service for our members and the community around St. Paul’s, we would also be able to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to expand God’s Kingdom.

Can you help? Open your checkbook, grab your credit card, ask your friends, bosses, and everyone you can think of that could contribute to a worthy cause. Every contribution counts!


2018 Concordia Lutheran School Auction

Auction gavelPlease join us for Concordia Lutheran School’s annual auction, on Sunday, February 18, at 3:30 p.m. at the Hellenic Cultural Center, located at 36375 Joy Road in Westland.

Tickets are $35 each; a table of 10 is $315. Tickets can be purchased in the school offices or after church services. The deadline for ticket orders is February 11.

Perhaps you make a craft item that you could donate or you saw something on sale for a great price at a store that you could buy and donate.  Please consider donating a bottle of wine (of whatever quality you choose) or a six pack of beer.  Please bring your donation to either campus office with a donation form. Donation forms are available in the back of church or in either church/school office.  All donations need to be turned in by Friday, February 9.

We are also looking for corporate sponsors who are willing to make a donation and receive some advertising and recognition in return.  Donation and Sponsor forms are available in the back of church or in either church/school office. All donations and sponsorships need to be turned in by Friday, February 9.


Let me first say how excited I am to have been called here to be your Intentional Interim Pastor (IIP).  My wife Beth and I have been looking forward to being here for this very important ministry.

First of all, some of you may wonder: ‘what exactly is an IIP?’

An IIP is an ordained pastor who conducts and directs a specialized ministry called the Intentional Interim Ministry.  This specialized ministry is carried out in times of change in pastoral leadership and is a ministry of the whole church in support of the local congregation, such as St. Paul’s, Farmington Hills.  The interim is a time of opportunity for a congregation to analyze who it is, deal with internal relationships, discover fresh leadership, focus on definite goals, and encourage a vision for the future.  With trained pastoral leadership, it can make this interim period a very profitable and special chapter in the life and mission of any congregation.

The IIP is trained to intentionally work on these important functions with congregation.  He is not a “Vacancy Pastor” in the traditional sense of the term. Vacancy pastors usually fill the Sunday morning pulpit and make basic calls on the sick and shut-ins.  This is why pastors who want to do interim ministry are required to take special introductory and continued and ongoing training courses.

Most interims last twelve to eighteen months, some even longer to help the congregation prepare for their new permanent “settled” pastor.  Leading the congregation through a five process phase, the IIP prepares the congregation for a new beginning in their ministry.  The five phases are:

  • Dealing with its history in an honest way.
  • Broadening leadership.
  • Defining its identity.
  • Strengthening its relationship with the district/synod.
  • Determining a new direction for ministry and mission.

Depending upon the needs and status of the congregation, emphasis and time spent on any one of the five phases could be vastly different; and to determine what phase/s will need the most attention, I will make every sincere effort to immerse myself in St. Paul’s system, while staying outside the system to provide objective diagnosis and healing through intentional use of Law and Gospel.  A trained IIM pastor (such as myself) “begins with the end in mind.”  He comes to the congregation knowing he is the temporary shepherd and not eligible to become the settled pastor.  His sole purpose is to bring the congregation to the best outcome, which is well defined at the outset of the interim.

Please take a moment to visit my bulletin board as you enter the sanctuary to worship, for any new information regarding the status and progress of this ministry.

May God’s Kingdom grow according to His will, here at St. Paul’s, and I hope to meet you all as you come to worship.

Rev. Gary L. Siefert



Amazon Smile

Hi Folks,

As the Holidays approach, we wanted to remind you that we have an Amazon Smile Link setup, so that a portion of your Amazon shopping can benefit St. Paul’s.  Every little bit helps, so if you haven’t tried this yet, its very easy.  Just use this link to get to Amazon, and then anytime afterwards, go to  Thanks, and have a blessed Christmas Season!


New Online Giving Site is Up!

St. Pauls just released a new online giving system today! Off to the right of the church website, you’ll notice you can click “Give Now.” That link will let you submit your offering via Credit Card / Debit Card or setup re-occurring transfers from a bank account. We’re trying to draw attention to some outstanding expenses the church has and hope that this will assist with those.

We also hope this brings convenience to our parishioners and would ask that you check it out today!

Click Here to check out the new site

FYI – You may also see the following symbol in some of the church bulletins coming up.  Smartphones (With the right app) will be able to scan this and direct you easily to the new site.  Thank you!

qr giving