The Mail and Forgiveness

This week as I came into my office I found a letter. This isn’t an unusual occurrence. There are lots of letters that find their way into my office, but this one stood out. It had no return address, and was addressed only to Senior Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. In it was a letter, an article from Reader’s Digest, and a $100.00 bill. The article was about making restitution for things that had been done in the past, accepting forgiveness, and continuing forward from there. The note explained the article. This person had taken a box of candy bars from St. Paul’s in 1960. The guilt from this act had followed them for 55 years. They knew that Jesus death had purchased forgiveness, but they were under assault by Satan, the accuser, who constantly threw this sin in their face. If Satan can accuse you and make you doubt your forgiveness he will. But the crushing accusation of the law leads the Holy Spirit to bring repentance, repentance led desire to make things right. The $100.00 bill is far more than the cost of a box of candy bars in 1960. St. Paul’s has certainly been repaid for losses that were forgotten long ago. More importantly restitution had already been made. For all of these 55 years that sin is forgiven. The death of Jesus has taken away the sin of the world. With faith in Jesus atoning sacrifice as a gift from the Holy Spirit, and repentance brought through that same Spirit, you stand assured that Satan has no ammunition left that can harm you. You stand blameless before God, washed in the blood of Christ, made a part of Him in Baptism, and are guaranteed to be a part of His resurrection.

Has Satan been throwing sin in your face? Has the Holy Spirit led you to repentance? Confess and be assured of Jesus’ forgiveness. He forgives you in His own words every Sunday. He forgives you in His Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Some things people can set right. Some things people cannot. But God can do all things. The Holy Spirit has led you to repentance. Jesus’ death is the atonement for the forgiveness of your sin. He has set you free. The chains of sin are released. Stand free and blameless before God in the joy of His salvation.

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  1. Jim says:

    That’s a Crazy Story! Wow!

  2. Lori Smith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this letter and again explaining how we are forgiven. How the Holy Sprit is alive and active in our lives daily to those who believe in Christ.

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