Something to Believe In!

It seems that a common experience for all people is looking for something that they can truly believe in. Lots of people look for something solid in places like a secure retirement, and a comfortable life, but it is amazing how fleeting these things can be. I have seen medical bills wipe out what seemed like a secure retirement. I have seen the tragedy that can invade the most comfortable of lives. So what is there that will never lose its value? The gifts of God never lose their value. That is the marvelous thing about the faith that God gives us. What God has given can never be taken away. We can certainly give it up, but it can never be taken from us. That means that the gifts that God has given through His Word and Sacraments will never lose its value or efficacy. The water of Baptism does not evaporate. The forgiveness promised in Holy Communion is never taken away. If you begin to worry that your faith is wavering and that you might give away God’s gift of faith, God waits for you wherever His Word is properly preached and His Sacraments are rightly observed. He strengthens you once again with His promises, and gives you something you can rely on, His Word.

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