Does God Care About Me?

You can see them walking toward each other on the road. There is a crowd of disciples and curious onlookers following a teacher. This group would probably be loud with answers and laughter. Going the other way there is a funeral procession. A widow who has already buried her husband is now burying her son. That procession would have been loud in another way. There would have been crying and mourning. The teacher stops at the funeral procession. He sees the widow. He knows her past and her future because He is Jesus, the Son of God. His heart aches for her. He asks, “why are you weeping.” This could be seen as heartless considering that she was preparing to bury her son, but coming from Jesus these words form hope. He reaches out to touch the body. The uncleanness of death meets the cleanness of Jesus’ righteousness. Death loses the battle. The widow has her son back from the dead. People ask, “does God care about me?” The answer is found in this story and throughout the Gospel. Jesus cared so much that He could not let death win. This is true for the widow’s son, and for all the people of the world. The death of the righteous one paid for the lives of the unrighteous. Jesus did not just resurrect this son. He has given the promise of resurrection to all who believe in Him. God loved you so much he gave His Son for you. Yes God cares about you.

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  1. Alice says:

    beautiful and simple message.
    yes, the almighty Lord cares for us, thanks!

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