Join in to Support Motor City Meals Feed the Homeless

MOTOR CITY MEALS is an organization that goes out to feed the homeless. Our own Cheryl Johnson makes up meals for them to distribute. They feed about 60 people a week. If you would like to help, they could use the following items:

* Cases of bottled water
* Snacks (granola bars, fruit bars, cookies, crackers, etc.)
* Meat for Cheryl to cook
* Socks
* Men’s and women’s underwear
* Sample-size hygiene items
* Feminine hygiene products

Cash is always accepted, and tax donation forms are available. You can place your donations in the plastic bin near the bottle collection can (however, please place any meat donations in the refrigerator and label the package “MCM”). If you have any  questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Cheryl – she’d be happy to talk to you about this special ministry.

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