Court of Concordia Campaign Commences

Why is the annual campaign so important? The Court of Concordia campaign is one our two major fundraisers of the year, the other being the auction. We begin the campaign in May and have it run through the summer because the funds raised are designed to allow us to meet our financial obligations over the summer when we do not receive tuition payments. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to support our operating budget. Many donors send in regular donations throughout the year.

Your donation to the Court of Concordia is very important to us, no matter the amount. We receive donations ranging from $10 to several thousand dollars. We pray that you will consider making a donation. We send out about 400 request letters, but usually have less than 100 donors. If you have not given in the past, please consider giving now. Your donation is needed to help us continue to fulfill our mission of, with one heart, we equip God’s children to grow as disciples in His word through a Christ-centered education.

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