Women’s Book Club

This monthly book club discussion group meets on the first Thursday of every month, from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at Kerby’s Koney Island, 26245 Telegraph in Southfield.

When a cancellation occurs, the ladies attending the next discussion are able to discuss the last two books.

The discussion for March, suggested by Lainia Burk, is She Speaks: Wisdom from the Women of the Bible to the Modern Black Woman by Michele Clark Jenkins (ISBN: 978140167780; published by Thomas Nelson. This book allows the reader to examine 50 women in the Bible, offering clear parallels between life challenges of modern African-American women and women in the Bible.

The discussion for March/April, suggested by Margo Dupre, is Behind the Scenes in the Lincoln White House: Memoirs of an African-American Seamstress. Originally published in 1868 by G.W. Carleton & Co (ISBN 13:978-0-486-45122-0 or ISBN 10:0-486-45122-4. Born a slave in Virginia, Elizabeth Keckley (c. 1824 – 1907) went on to become a talented dressmaker and designer, employing 20 people. Her clients included the wives, daughters and sisters of Washington’s political elite. Keckley’s memoirs caused shock waves when they appeared in 1868. She was the first Black American female published author and also became an activist, organizing relief for penniless, newly freed slaves.

All women are invited to attend – each is responsible for her own copy of the book.

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