Summer Tutoring at Shadow of the Cross

The focus of the tutoring program is to sustain and strengthen foundational levels of understanding in math and basic reading. The intention of the tutor is to close a learning gap or strengthen the transition to the next grade.

Foundational Math: Students who were in grades 1 – 6 the previous year will review basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions).

Basic Reading: Strategies for working with students who were in primary grades 1 – 3 the previous year will be reading together, helping the child to recognize decoding strategies (phonics, semantics, syntax and visual – recognizing sights words using high frequency sight word practices); developing a better understanding of what they have read; practicing fluency; and encouraging confidence.

Tutors are graduated teachers qualified to tutor grades 1 – 6 in all subjects.

All tutoring sessions must be paid for in advance to assure the time block is reserved. An agreement for tutoring services must be completed and all funds for the number of sessions must be paid upfront to Shadow of the Cross prior to the first tutoring session.

Tutoring can begin at any time between the dates of July 17 and July 25, with 7 days’ prior notice given to the Tutor Services Director, Margo Dupre.

or by calling the church office at 248/474-2488.

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