What Can You Do To Assist?

  1. Become a member of a church group or organization
  2. Assist in organizing functions
  3. Serve on committees (i.e., Stewardship, LWML, Worship, etc.)
  4. Attend congregational or designated business meetings
  5. Pray for the sick
  6. Read Scriptures
  7. Give generously
  8. Support the church and its functions
  9. Stand in as needed for events such as voting and other community efforts
  10. Increase church attendance
  11. Volunteer for Saturday events
  12. Congregate after the service
  13. Invite relatives, friends and neighbors to worship services and Bible classes
  14. Exchange numbers; contact members who are absent
  15. Help with building maintenance
  16. Assist with cleaning, mailings, chaperoning
  17. Attend Bible classes
  18. Assist with youth: Sunday School, Youth Group, Acolytes, Choir, Praise Band
  19. Be a worship participant by serving as a greeter or lay reader

Please take a moment to consider these and other church needs. Turn in this sheet (also found on the back page of the bulletin) by Sunday, August 25.

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