Library and Pantry Ministry

At the end of this summer, SOTC will have installed a Little Free Library and a Little Free Pantry on the church grounds.  Once installed, anyone in the community can donate or borrow books from the Little Free Library and donate or receive food from the Little Free Pantry. 

You can help by setting aside some new or gently used books to put into the library, and adding a non-perishable pantry donation to your weekly shopping list.  Suggestions for the pantry include canned goods, box cereal, small bags of rice, etc. 

The build team is also asking for a donation of a few shingles to top our library and pantry.  If you can donate a few shingles, please contact the church office.

Once we are set up to go, we will get registered on the Little Free Library website, so people can find us.

If you have any questions, contact Andrea Ballantine.

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