Wellspring Academy Launches in 2021

WELLSPRING LUTHERAN SERVICES will be opening Michigan’s first public recovery High School in January 2021, for teens struggling with addictions of drugs or alcohol.   The Wellspring Academy has the capacity for 120 (grades 9-12) and will support teens to maintain sobriety as they complete high school and earn their diploma. The high school is a free-standing charter school on an 80-acre campus and is supported by Michigan International Prep School (MIPS). The school building is located at 28000 W. Nine Mile Rd. on the Wellspring campus in Farmington Hills. 

Wellspring Academy will launch virtually in January 2021 with wraparound recovery support services and a drop-in center at the Farmington Hills campus.  In-person classes will officially begin in September 2021.  For more information about Wellspring Academy and information on how to enroll your student, please visit www.wellspringacademy.com.

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