Another StratOp Team Gets Into Action: Member Care & Deployment

Greetings from the Member Care & Deployment team!

As most of you know, four action teams were established during the StratOp workshop. These teams are: Evangelism and Outreach, which currently needs a new leader; Communication, led by Robin Ward; Finance, led by Steve Rooker; and Member Care and Deployment, led by Rev. Gary Siefert, our Intentional Intemin pastor. These teams, and the entire StratOp process, will help our congregation attract a new pastor because we will already be more focused and eager to build up a healthy church. This is why we began this “Intentional Interim Ministry” here at St. Paul’s.

So let’s look at the major tasks assigned to the Member Care & Deployment team, then dive deeper into each of them:

  • Find opportunities for improvement within our church
  • Assess what we do have
  • Create an atmosphere of more enthusiastic volunteers within our congregation

Finding opportunities for improvement includes establishing a more focused direction, which will make better use of our resources and time. This task also includes increasing the number of motivated-working hands to get necessary jobs done, while also generating enthusiasm for the church and ministry here.

When assessing what we have, we clearly see that St. Paul’s has a lot of “hard blessings,” such as our building, the day school, and the property size and its corner-lot location. But our biggest asset is the long-time, loyal, hard-working members!

And how do we create an atmosphere of more enthusiastic volunteers within our congregation? The Member Care & Deployment team will provide clear information about what exactly is being asked of you. We will use numerous means of communication, such as bulletin notes, our website with a “get involved link,” a volunteer web page, and a volunteer bulletin board to advertise opportunities. (Pastor Siefert has graciously offered his Intentional Ministry bulletin board to now be used as space to advertise volunteer opportunities at the church.) Please make it a point to check out these postings on a regular basis, to remain fully aware of what’s going on here at St. Paul’s. Each posting will provide more information such as, who has ownership of the activity, how to contact them, how long the commitment will be, etc.

The team is also considering creating a new position – Volunteer Coordinator. Such a position could coordinate such opportunities as taking part again in the Farmington Founders Festival Parade (other churches in the community participate). The team will also ensure that proper acknowledgement of volunteers’ efforts is made.

We will also encourage other boards to “get the word out” about events they are sponsoring, such as cleanup days (don’t forget – this spring’s cleanup day is May 12th!).This is our hope: When members see the volunteer opportunities where they can help St. Paul’s grow, such awareness will generate enthusiasm, interest and a positive pride throughout the congregation.

May God bless us all here at St. Paul’s as we work and support each other with the blessings that God has given each one of us!The Member Care & Deployment Team.