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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
20805 Middlebelt Rd.
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336
248-474-0675 (church)

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One thought on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi we are newer to the area, We are looking to put our 7th grade son into a lutheran church catechism class this fall. We have been Church hopping all summer. I was raised Lutheran and would like my son to learn the foundation of the Martin Luther catechism. I’d like him to learn the 10 commandments and all the prayers I grew up learning. We have taught him many bible verses, meal prayers, bedtime prayers and also about Jesus. He has been to several Christian camps, VBS’S And attended Sunday school in Florida where we use to live. He was baptized by Steve Andrews founder of Kensington Community Church, Troy, MI. in 2005 when he was 1 year old.
    Please let me know asap if St. Paul offers these classes, when will they be, when do they start etc and any other expectations. We doffer plan to attend as well but we are not members. Thank you.

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