Concordia Lutheran School is a joint venture with Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church in Redford.

We offer Kindergarten-8th Grades and we ensure the children are taught the good news of Jesus Christ while also focusing on an excellent education!

You can visit the School Webpage by clicking on the picture Above. While you are there follow the link on the left for a virtual tour.


Chapel services are held every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Middle School Campus at Hosanna Tabor and at 2:30 p.m. at the Elementary Campus at SOTC. Please join us in our worship at any service.

News From Your School     

During the month of Thankfulness, the kindergarten kids are taking note of the things they are thankful for – things big and small!

“I like my mommy and daddy.”

“I am thankful God gave me pineapple juice.”

“I like that God made moms and daddies. I’m thankful for God ’cause I love Him.”

“I like when my parents take me to Jungle Java. And Chuck E. Cheese.”

“I’m thankful for books.”

“I’m thankful for books and recess.”

“I like recess.”

“I am thankful for trains.”

“I’m thankful for stuffed animals.”

“I’m thankful for Concordia and the sweet, earnest kids I get to teach every day,” Bekah Hoeft, Kindergarten teacher