SOTC Leadership


President: Steve Rooker

Vice President: Merlin Fields

Secretary: Linda Wilcoxson


Board of Elders: Jackie Banks, George Barnes, Merlin Fields, Max Heise, Jim Kivimaki, Ernest McCall, Charles McCants, Roderick McClure, Ronald Smolka, Joe Soukup, Ellis Threadcraft, Edward Williams III

Here at SOTC we have 12 Elders.  Their pictures are on the Elders board in the Narthex. Each Elder is responsible for approximately 20 to 30 people.  Some have a few more or a few less.  If you need to call your Elder just call the church office for their phone number.  You should call your Elder or any Elder if you have a concern or a problem or just to ask a question.  If you are not sure who your Elder is, please call Ron Smolka.  You can also check the picture board in the Narthex and there is a breakdown by alphabet. 

Board of Evangelism – Doug Eiben and Flo Morris

Board of Finance: Sharon Martin, Myita Davis, Lynette Robinson, Mary Rooker

Board of Parish Education: Ava Davis, Margo Dupre, Barbara Hatcher, Roderick McClure, Lauren Mosley, Barbara Profit, Lydia Ramesh, Heather Rooker, Mary Rooker, Lori Smith

Board of Trustees: Aaron Clark, Doug Eiben, Bruce Howard, Roderick McClure, Paul Schultz

Altar Guild – Melissa Mattson, chair

Body & Soul – Roderick McClure, chair

Concordia Lutheran School – Pat Schultz, principal

Leadership Board – Steve Rooker, chair

Outreach – Mike Faith

Sunday School – Barbara Profit, chair

Unity – Barbara Hatcher, chair